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The tour starts at 9 am with a pickup at your local Flagstaff Hotel. Scenic Route US 180 is utilized travel to the Grand Canyon. A narration is given of plants, animals, and geology as we drive past the San Francisco Peaks. The tour can last up to 2 pm in the afternoon if need be or as late as 7 pm. Lots of flexibility.
The far cliffs are 20 miles away and the canyon at the bottom of the picture is 0.62 miles deep. Spend 1 to 1.5 hours at Powell, Hopi, and Mohave Points letting the colors and depth sink in. Ask your personal tour guide about the Grand Canyon. Other tour operators may run to Yavapai and Mather Points, but these view points are heavily overcrowded. 80 per cent of the people travel to the Grand Canyon by car. Yavapai and Mather Points are accessible by private vehicle.
After a Free Picnic Lunch, we visit Grand View Point in the picture below. Far below is the Pete Barry Copper mine.
At Desert View is the Tower designed by Mary Jane Colter, completed in 1933.
View of San Francisco Peaks from Kendrick Park
Desert View
Starts 9 am.  Ends 4:30 pm.
Return to Flagstaff at 6:15 pm
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