Transportation to the South Rim, Grand Canyon $58/person (round trip) ($58=$25 1-way+$8 entrance fee+$25 return). Specify pickup location in Flagstaff, Arizona and date/time needing transportation. On the transportation trip. I travel Scenic Route 180 near the San Franciso Peaks. Along the way to the Grand Canyon, I talk about Flagstaff history, Ponderosa Pines, San Francisco Peaks, geology, Grand Canyon creation, and Sacred Red Butte. At the Grand Canyon, convient stops at the Grocery Store, Mather Camground, Bright Angel Lodge, Maswick Lodge, El Tovar, or Yavapai Lodge. A lecture on the 3 free shuttle buses inside the Grand Canyon: Red Line, Blue Line, Green Line. Driver will provide instructions to ensure you maximize your stay at the Grand Canyon Driver experience in hiking the Grand Canyon. Specify your return time. Next day pickup.Flexible Return Times and departures. Unscheduled tours. Please indicate what time slot you will be leaving on.
Convenient and flexible.
Early Morning Sunrise $100/person at Yavapai or Desert View
Sunset is an extra $15/person
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Grand Canyon Transportation